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Botox Injections

What Does Botox Do?

Looking for the best treatment for wrinkles, fine lines & other signs of aging? Consider botox injections. At InShape Medical, we offer a wide range of med spa treatments including botox, juvederm, microneedling, non-invasive body contouring, chemical peels and much more. Please call to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located at 107 Edinburgh S. Drive, Suite 215 Cary, NC 27511.

Botox Near Me in Cary, NC
Botox Near Me in Cary, NC
Botox Injections Near Me in Cary, NC

Table of Contents:

What is botox?
What does botox do?
How does botox get rid of forehead wrinkles?

What is Botox?

Botox is considered one of the best wrinkle treatments. It is a very popular, non-surgical aesthetics treatment used to get rid of wrinkles caused by years of facial muscles contracting and folding at the weakest spots. These wrinkles typically happen at the same time collagen production is declining. So as you frown, squint, raise your eyebrows, and make other facial expressions, you create permanent grooves in our skin. These show as crow’s feet around your eyes, horizontal lines across your forehead, and deep wrinkles between your eyebrows. Facial wrinkles are worrisome to many people because we associate them with a person looking aged. But, the good news is that Botox is a very effective treatment than can takes years off of your appearance.

What does Botox do?

To counter these facial wrinkles, a qualified physician or physician assistant injects these problem areas with Botox using a tiny needle. The injection is directly into the muscles around the eyes in the crow’s feet area and in the forehead. Moderate-to-severe facial lines are minimized. Zero or minimal recovery time is needed and the results last anywhere from four to six months.

Botox injections block the nerve endings from releasing certain nerve chemicals which cause the muscles to contract. So, the affected muscles that are creating wrinkles weaken and the skin over them smooths out. However, the injected nerve endings start repairing themselves and completely recover after over a period of four to six months. This then, results in the muscle function returning to the injection area. Because of this nerve recovery, forehead wrinkle re-treatment is often done about every six months, or so.

How does Botox get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Many people want to get rid of forehead wrinkles. Fortunately, forehead frown lines are one of the easiest facial wrinkles to treat. Your trained medical provider will only need to inject a very small amount of Botox to relax the overactive muscles in the forehead area. After the treatment, your brows should look relaxed. However, Botox injections do get rid of wrinkles instantly. It typically takes about a week for the treatment to work completely.

Botox Results

Botox results should never completely disable the forehead’s muscle function. It should you to express your emotions while having smooth skin at rest. While exact results can vary from person to person, you should have a natural facial appearance. To achieve this look, it is important that you receive Botox wrinkle treatment injections only from well-trained and licensed medical professionals such as the professionals at InShape Medical.

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