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Chronic Pain Treatment in Cary, NC

If You Suffer From a Chronic Disease Such as: Autoimmune Disease, COPD, Asthma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, Chronic Joint Pain, Among Others. InShape Medical Offers Stem Cell Treatments That Can Assist in Easing Your Daily Discomfort. Book an Appointment Online or Call (919) 629-9261. We Are Located at 107 Edinburgh S. Drive, Suite 215 Cary, NC 27511.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic diseases affect nearly 150 million Americans, and an estimated 100 million individuals have more than one. Close to 30 million experience five or more conditions simultaneously. These issues may cause pain and drastically interfere with quality of daily living. We, however, offer treatments like stem cell therapy to intervene and reduce your symptoms.

What Types of Chronic Conditions Do We Use Stem Cell Therapy to Treat?

We use stem cell therapy to treat issues like asthma, COPD, and certain autoimmune diseases. It’s also beneficial to those who have Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It helps with degenerative diseases and even can help those with chronic joint pain. We’re able to help with other chronic conditions, as well.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Chronic Conditions?

Stem cell therapy works differently depending on the disease we’re treating, but there is a basic concept to the procedure. Stem cells are basically blank cells. They don’t have a specific job until needed by the body to replace unhealthy cells. In the process, they end up dividing, producing specialized cells. We inject the stem cells into the area where you’re having pain or other issues as a result of a chronic condition. Certain generalized conditions require IV injection, so that the stem cells are distributed throughout the body to where they are needed. Quickly, the cells begin healing the injured tissue. Basically, the cells activate your body’s own ability to heal. The cells go after the injured or diseased tissue and encourage them to heal.

As you get older, your stem cells age. In addition, the number of stem cells you have decreases. Therefore, they don’t help your body heal like they used to. This is one of the main reasons why your body doesn’t recover like before. Stem cell therapy, however, provides the cells and tissue with a bit of a boost.

How Safe Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy at our clinic is a relatively safe procedure. The stems cells we use are harvested from live-birth cord blood at the leading laboratory for this type of stem cells in the United States. Additionally, there haven’t been any reported long-term side effects. Some temporary side effects that people may experience are swelling, bruising and pain around the injection site.

What is the Stem Cell Therapy Process?

The entire process will require three appointments. The first is for a consultation. The other two are for the procedure and follow-up. The consultation helps us determine if you are an eligible candidate. Some people have diseases that are too far progressed, and in these cases, the treatment isn’t effective.

We utilize only umbilical stem cells. They’re able to create different type of cells and transform into various kinds as well. They age slowly, so there’s less chance of our patients experiencing an immune response.

We utilize BioGenix’s laboratory services. They harvest the stem cells from donors, all of which are healthy, live births. They have stringent requirements for donors and ensure the safety of all patients through comprehensive evaluations of all donor cords.
We inject the cells into the designated area, or through IV injection, depending upon the condition being treated. The procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes. The injections don’t cause much pain. After the procedure, the regeneration process progresses rapidly. Often, patients begin experiencing results in as little as a month while others don’t see full results until six months. Some people only require one or two treatments while others need more. We’ll discuss with you our expectations during your consultation and throughout the entire treatment process.

After your treatment, you don’t have any downtime. In most cases, you’re able to return to your daily activities immediately.

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