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Hormone Pellet Therapy in Cary, NC

Restore Your Hormonal Balance with Hormone Pellet Therapy! At InShape Medical, Our Experienced Team of Medical Providers Offers Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy for Both Men & Women. To Book a Consultation, Please Call (919) 629-9261.

Hormone Pellet Therapy in Cary, NC

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

If you’re like many people experiencing the negative affects of aging, you may be wondering about hormone imbalance in women or hormone imbalance in men? If so, an anti-aging therapy with hormone pellets may be the answer for both women and men experiencing the signs and symptoms of aging. Hormone imbalance sometimes begins in your late 30’s, but is more frequently seen in your 40’s. However, regardless of age, you no longer need to suffer from the negative effects of hormone imbalance.

Hormone replacement therapy using hormone pellets can be a highly effective way of restoring hormonal balance and alleviating the many associated symptoms that women and men often have to deal with as they age. Symptoms of hormone imbalance can be mild to severe and often include three or more of the following:

Weight Gain | Lack of Sexual Desire | Loss of Muscle Mass | Low Energy | Irritability | Foggy Thinking

Mood Swings | Depression | Anxiety | Poor Sleep Patterns | Insomnia | Night Sweats | Poor Memory

InShape Medical provides bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy for both men and women. Bio-identical hormones are structurally the same as the hormones that your body produces naturally. Learn more about hormone pellets for women or hormone pellets for men by clicking on the link below: