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Integrative Medicine in Cary, NC

At InShape Medical, We Believe in the Use of Conventional, as Well as Alternative Therapies That Are Evidence Backed & Appropriate for the Individual Patient. To Schedule a Consultation, Please Call.

Integrative Medicine in Cary, NC

What does an integrative medicine doctor do?

InShape Medical practitioners believe in a healing-oriented approach to wellness that considers the whole person. This approach to wellness recognizes that the mind, body, spirit, and community are all factors in optimal health.

Our integrative practitioners believe in the use of conventional, as well as alternative, therapies that are evidence backed and appropriate for the individual patient. Health promotion and illness prevention therapies are more natural and less invasive whenever possible.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative wellness goes beyond traditional medicine and pharmacology. It looks for the root causes of illness as well as the factors that result in positive health. The practitioner and patient are then partners in not only addressing current negative health issues, but also in working toward the goal of optimal health and disease prevention.