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Natural Appetite Suppressants & Weight Loss Aids

Natural Appetite Suppressants & Weight Loss Aids in Cary, NC

Natural Appetite Suppressants and Weight Loss Aids: Are There Weight Loss Supplements that Really Work?

Natural Appetite Suppressants & Weight Loss Aids in Cary, NC
Natural Appetite Suppressants & Weight Loss Aids in Cary, NC

Very likely you have heard the statistics: According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the United States alone more than two out of three American adults are carrying enough extra fat on their bodies to be classified as overweight or obese [1]. This public health epidemic drives a very large market for weight loss supplements aimed at people trying to find a fast and effective way to lose weight. Hundreds of natural appetite suppressants and weight loss aids are available online, each claiming to be the “new miracle diet pill” or one of the planet’s “best supplements for weight loss”. However, even with so many people trying different weight loss products most are still having problems with being overweight or obese. The difficulty for most people, then, is in knowing which products are effective and which are not.

Given the statistics above, it is likely that you or someone close to you is having problems with your weight. Maybe you have already tried taking natural appetite suppressants or weight loss aids and have failed at meeting your weight loss goals. Maybe you’re asking yourself “are there weight loss supplements that really work?” And, “what are the best weight loss supplements among those that work?” Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in weight loss aids at our clinic, so we can help wade through the hype. In this article, we will look into the safety and effectiveness of the most popular natural appetite suppressants and weight loss aids (as proven by science) in the face of all the internet hype:

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia became an internet rage when nutritional supplement makers announced its claimed ability to curb appetite and prevent unwanted weight gain.Garcinia Cambogia is a close cousin of mangosteen, another trendy food in the world of alternative medicine.Garcinia Cambogia is also known as the Malabar tamarind, a tropical fruit that grows across India, Indonesia, and Myanmar and it looks like a pumpkin, with its yellowish to reddish skin.

Many people use Malabar tamarind to treat stomachaches.However, in the late 1960s, scientists discovered that it contains hydroxycitric acid, a chemical proven in the laboratory to stop a certain enzyme that converts sugar into fat. However, good results from test tube trials do not always mean they are truly effective in human subjects – and this was exactly what happened with Garcinia Cambogia. Scientific studies that investigated the weight loss effects of Garciania Cambogia involving human subjects revealed contradicting results [2,3]. In fact, one study even showed that the weight reduction associated with placebo pills versus that of Garcinia Cambogia was statistically insignificant [4] – so placebo was virtually as effective as Garcinia Cambogia.

Raspberry ketone

Raspberry ketone is a molecule found in raspberries and it quite popular for its potent smell. Most manufacturers use raspberry ketone to make their berry-flavored products smell great. Recently, raspberry ketone again found itself in the limelight when scientists announced raspberry ketone’s similarity with capsaicin, a molecule found in chili peppers, and synephrine, a stimulant. Several studies suggest that these two molecules are effective weight loss aids because they can boost the metabolism [5,6].

Laboratory tests using fat cells from rats revealed that raspberry ketones increase the breakdown of fats and elevate the fat cells’ release of adenopectin, a hormone that plays a role in metabolism and breakdown of blood sugar. However, up to this time, there are no available scientific studies to prove the speculated effects of raspberry ketone in the weight loss management of obese human subjects.

Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans contain loads of active pharmacologic compounds and antioxidants.Chlorogenic acid and caffeine are two of the most important chemicals found in green coffee beans. Many experts believe that chlorogenic acid is the active weight loss-producing chemical in green coffee beans [7]. However, most of it becomes ineffective once coffee beans are roasted [8]. A couple of studies show that chlorogenic acid can reduce carbohydrate absorption [9,10]. A scientific study using human subjects reveal that people who drink green coffee have more significant weight loss compared to those who drink instant coffee [11]. Although these scientific evidences are promising, many experts state that they still need to see larger studies before they can conclude and recommend green coffee bean as an effective complimentary medicine for weight reduction.

InShape Medical’s Super Fat Burner

Unlike many other weight loss products that only come from one type of plant – therefore using only one compound -Super Fat Burner with Energy Boost is a natural appetite suppressant and weight loss aid that comes from different plant and natural sources. It integrates eight active ingredients that support one another for maximum effectiveness, making it superior to other popular natural appetite suppressants and weight loss aids on the market. The active ingredients include:


It is widely known that caffeine is an active ingredient that causes significant weight reduction through thermogenesis. Researchers discovered that it has the ability to boost the body’s metabolism by 3 to 11 percent while increasing the body’s ability to burn fat by up to 29 percent [12].


Glucuronolactone is an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks. This compound compliments caffeine to aid in exercise performance and mood while helping to detoxify the body.Glucuonolactone forms from the metabolism of glucose within the body and serves as a precursor to the production of glucuronic acid, an active body chemical that binds to toxins to make them water soluble for the kidneys to eliminate [13].


Phenethylamine can increase energy expenditure in healthy individuals. However, aside from its metabolic effect, it can also enhance the mood, suppress appetite, relieve depression, and increase the release of fats within the fat cells [14].

Synephrine Caprylate

Bitter oranges contain synephrinecaprylate. Synephrine can reduce the appetite, enhance mood, and increase energy. It can also increase the fat-burning mechanism within the body [6].

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract is a well-researched herbal medicine with impressive anti-inflammatory action. However, aside from this property, the nettle lead extract can also help alleviate allergic reactions. It can help relieve rheumatic pains and control symptoms associated with hypertension and diabetes. Nettle lead extract can also facilitate the release of excess body water by its diuretic effect [15].

Yohimbine extract

Yohimbine extract comes from a tall, evergreen tree found in the Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Though as yet scientifically unsupported, natives use it to treat health problems such as cough, fever, and leprosy. Experts discovered that yohimbine extract dilates the blood vessels, thereby causing decreased blood pressure [16]. It also helps alleviate depressive moods. A study even suggested that it could help treat erectile dysfunction in men [17].


Picamilon is a brain vitamin created by experts from the Institute of Pharmacology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. Experts believe that it can help increase blood flow within the brain by relaxing the blood vessel walls, thereby increasing mental energy, and enhancing the mood [18].

Inositol niacinate

Inositol niacinate improves blood circulation and blood pressure, and helps lower blood cholesterol levels. In fact, a study even suggests that inositol niacinate has better effect than niacin [19], a type of B vitamin that helps lower bad cholesterol levels within the blood.

Bottom Line:

Thousands of natural appetite suppressants and weight loss aids are available in the market. However, weight reduction medications are not created equal. Just being branded as a weight loss supplement doesn’t mean the ingredients actually work.

If I were to be asked which one of these weight loss aids I would choose, I’d go for the clinically-tested and proven Super Fat Burner. Why? Well, the answer is pretty clear. Unlike other weight loss supplements, Super Fat Burner doesn’t just combine the power of proven natural weight loss inredients to help you reduce your weight, suppress your appetite, and increase your metabolism. It is also packed with effective herbs and vitamins that help to normalize your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve your mood, and increase your mental and physical energy. Is there much more you could ask for in a natural appetite suppressant and weight loss aid?

InShape Medical is a wellness, anti-agingaesthetics, and weight loss clinic located in the Apex-Cary area of the Triangle, serving the greater Raleigh, NC area. The health professionals atInShape Medical take a mind-body, positive health approach to helping their patients gain better health and well-being using the most effective protocols and practices. Health and wellness coaching is central to their approach and the reason that their clients have such a positive experience and high success rates. They can be reached at (919) 629-9261 or visit them at InShape Medical


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