Weight Loss in Cary, NC

Weight Loss in Cary, NC

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Weight Loss Near Me in Cary, NC
Weight Loss Near Me in Cary, NC

If only losing weight was as simple as this: You decrease your caloric intake by 3,500 calories and you eventually lose a pound of your body fat. But, it really isn’t that simple. The best weight loss plans use more than just a simple calorie deficit to make your body lose more fat. The hard truth is that for a weight management program to be effective and to maintain healthy weight throughout your lifetime, there are several important factors that need to be taken into account. Calories and weight loss is not a simple equation.

First factor: What are you eating?

Believe it or not: the number of calories you cut from your diet is not the sole factor that contributes to weight loss; the type of food you eat with each meal really makes a difference. Simple carbohydrates, such as refined and highly processed grains, table sugar, and high-fructose corn syrup, are addictive. Additionally, these types of carbohydrates are a huge contributor to increasing body fat. This well documented addictive quality can make you not just physically hooked, but can also cause you to be emotionally dependent, too. By always eating simple carbs, you are increasing your physical and emotional dependence on them, causing you to continuously have stronger cravings. Therefore, in order to have an effective weight loss plan, you need to break the cycle by training your brain to say no to your cravings. A high protein diet may be helpful in this situation. But be assured that with some determination and a good plan of action, you can stop your physical simple carb or sugar addiction within several days. However, your emotional addiction is another story. You may need to spend a far longer time working on curbing your emotional cravings. Nevertheless, many other people have been able to get rid of their emotional dependence to simple carbs, so there is no reason you can’t do it, too.

Second factor: Are your hormones making it hard for you to lose weight?

You may be trying your very best to get rid of your excess weight. However, if your hormones are not cooperating to help you achieve your weight loss goal, it may be quite difficult for you to lose even just a pound or two. Experts now agree that both men and women typically experience some form of hormone imbalance that alters their metabolism once they reach their mid-30’s. This change in the way their bodies secrete and handle hormones causes them to increase their fat storage and ultimately make them gain more weight. With hormone imbalance, it takes more than just a simple calorie deficit diet coupled with regular exercise to promote weight loss. Doctors now agree that to achieve effective weight loss in this situation, you’ll likely need to bring back the balance of your body’s hormones.

Third factor: Do you get enough exercise?

Although proper nutrition is the main component to a solid weight loss plan, losing weight efficiently typically also requires some form of exercise. In fact for most people it is one of the most important components of effective and long-lasting weight loss plans. And, exercising on a regular basis is essential to maintaining a healthy weight.

Additionally, with regular physical activity, you won’t just lose weight. You will also reap other health benefits, such as prevention of chronic health problems, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, certain types of cancer, metabolic syndrome, depression, stroke, arthritis, improved sleep quality, improved mood, and even an improved sex life!

The type of exercise you do also has an impact on your body’s ability to keep weight of after you lose it. Anaerobic exercises have a direct impact on your metabolism. Anaerobic exercises increase muscle mass. Muscle mass, in turn, burns a lot of calories, even at rest.

One last factor: Are you ready to take a mind-body approach?

To change the direction of your health and create a “new you,” you need to reformulate your mind-body approach. This is an integral part of an optimum weight loss program. One that will help to reframe the way you see food in your life and overcome your inner emotional cravings for food. Different tools are available to help you gain control of your own mind and your own health. These tools can support you in creating new healthy habits and methods that can help you deal with stress. Stress is the most common – and by far the worst trigger – for emotional eating. The most effective examples of these tools include health coaching, stress management, guided imagery, mindful eating, hypnotherapy, and meditation.

So, its obviously not just calories and weight loss. If you want a truly effective and long-lasting weight loss plan, you should really consider adopting all of the factors above. And this article is just scratching the surface of these topics. If you have tried weight loss on your own and are tired of the gain-lose-gain roller coaster, it may be wise to consider seeking out a professional or clinic that specializes in medical weight loss and affecting long term positive health – it can make all the difference.

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